Landscape Lighting


Here you can find information about the differences between a professionally installed lighting system versus the cheaper systems available at your local hardware store. The first and most important thing to consider is the warranty factor. We highly recommend using products that carry a lifetime warranty. Typical store bought fixtures do not last more than a year or two at best. The products that we install will never chip, fade, or crack and that alone is piece of mind. Another crucial part of your landscape lighting system is the method in which it installed. "All out of the box" systems are designed to be installed with a daisy chain method. The way this works is the lights are installed in a row which leads to voltage drop. This means that the last fixture on this run will be much dimmer than the first. The way that we install our systems is called a hub method. 

This simply means that each light in that area has the same exact voltage. This leads to not only a much nicer looking finished product because each fixture is equally bright but it also increases the life of the lamps. That equates to less maintenance and money that you don't need to spend. Speaking of saving money, did you know that a low voltage lighting system uses a lot less electricity than ordinary lighting when it is installed correctly? Just another reason to consider using our system.

 You may also click on the manufacturer's link to visit their website. Click here or call us today to get a free no obligation evening demonstration and see exactly what your yard will look like after we install a beautiful landscape lighting system for you.

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